dating girls and nb cuties only from this moment forward

now i have to miss out on both a house outing and my radio meeting because i’m not welcome to the former and too sad/lonely/scared for the latter. half an hour ago i was good to do both ! but na

+ they think everything revolves around them !! u can get mad or sad about literally anything and they’ll still be like “what did i do ? why are u mad at me ? what do u expect me to do ?” alright i’ll go tell strangers on the internet about my life cause u are not listenin !!!! who the hell is here for me. i don’t wanna talk abt u right now. i don’t wanna try and have a heart to heart w u only to have u turn around and tell me i’m mean for “getting at u”

boys don’t let u have feelings cos they don’t know what one is. sitting there all frowny like “why are u sad ? i kno u just explained it to me but for some reason i just don’t take anything you say seriously” like………. go take a class in emotions or stay alone in the corner with ur rudeness

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